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Blood and Plunder Unaligned

Blood and Plunder Unaligned

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Blood & Plunder is a 28 mm historical miniatures war game set in the 17th century during the golden age of piracy. The game is played out on a tabletop using custom terrain and 28 mm miniature figures and ships.

This highly immersive and tactical game system takes players into the 17th-century world of bloodthirsty pirates, desperate militiamen, and ferocious natives. All of them in a constant struggle to control the wealth of the New World!

Games can be played on land, at sea or a combination of both using a streamlined set of gaming rules that will present new and veteran wargamers alike with unique tactical challenges.

The game was created with the consultation of Benerson Little, a re-known pirate historian, and author in order to insure as much historical accuracy as possible.

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